The society shall be called the Fernwood Amateur Dramatic Society.

1.  THE AIMS of the society shall be

1.1  to further the dramatic arts and to interest the local community in the appreciation of these arts by the performance of a variety of dramatic, dance and musical performances.

1.2  to enable the membership of the society to enjoy all aspects of producing, performing and experiencing a full range of entertainments.

1.3  to encourage members of all ages to develop as a group and to aspire to the highest standards possible.

1.4  to encourage others to partake in the development and growth of the society.


2.1  Membership shall be open to any person aged over 16 years interested in the aims of the society, subject to the approval of the committee.

2.2  The membership year is from 1 May to 30 April.

2.3  Membership fees, as proposed by the committee and approved at the preceding Annual General Meeting, should be paid by 31 May.

2.4  Only fully paid-up members can take part in any production.

2.5  Associate membership will be granted to those who generally support the society but do not take part in productions/acting/directing/stage related activities.


3.1  The society’s financial year shall be the twelve months ending 31 December.

3.2  The Treasurer will produce regular reports on the society’s finances to the committee.

3.3  The Treasurer will prepare the Annual Statement of Accounts for the committee to approve for submission to the Annual General Meeting.

3.4  The society’s Bank Account will require the signatures of any two officers on cheques or such future payment instrument as the banking system may introduce.

3.5  Any legal documents shall be signed by two officers.

3.6  An honorary auditor may be appointed by the committee to review the accounts to be presented to the Annual General Meeting.


4.1  The committee shall consist of four officers and six other members.

4.2  The officers shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

4.3  Only paid-up members can be elected to the committee.

4.4  The quorum for a committee meeting shall be two officers and three other members.

4.5  The committee shall meet at least six times a year. Any committee member failing to attend a minimum of 50% of meetings, without reasonable excuse, is liable to be removed on a majority vote of the remaining members.

4.6  The committee has the power to co-opt additional members to replace any vacancies arising during the year. Any member so co-opted will remain a member (subject to clause 4.5 above) until the next AGM.

4.7  The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

4.7.1 Chairman - to chair meetings and ensure collective decisions are reached.

4.7.2 Vice-Chairman - to deputise for the Chairman in his/her absence.

4.7.3 Secretary - to take minutes of all meetings, to ensure that copies go to all committee members and to send out notices for committee meetings and Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings; to maintain a register of members names and addresses; to correspond with outside agencies and prepare documents on behalf of the committee.

4.7.4   Treasurer - to be responsible for the proper recording of the society’s financial transactions and the production of annual accounts  to the AGM.

4.8  All committee members, including officers, are elected for one year and are eligible for re-election at the subsequent AGM.

4.9  Any expenditure in excess of [£??] must be approved by the committee.

4.10  Proposals made at a committee meeting can be carried on a simple majority of those present and voting. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman has the casting vote.


5.1  Annual General Meeting

5.1.1 The secretary shall give 21 days’ written Notice of AGM to all members at their addresses as noted in the register of members and include with this written notice nomination forms for committee officers. All nominations require a proposer, a seconder and the nominee’s signed consent.

5.12  Will be held each year before 31 March.

5.1.3 Will receive Annual Reports from the Chairman and Secretary.

5.1.4 Will receive and approve the Treasurer’s Report and audited Statement of Accounts.

5.1.5 Will elect the officers. If no prior nominations for officers have been received, nominations at the AGM may be accepted.

5.1.6 Nominations for the other committee members will be made at the AGM. Nominees must be present at the meeting and the nominations seconded. In the event of more nominations than places available a ballot will be held and those receiving the highest number of votes will be elected. If there is a tie for any final place(s), this will be decided by the drawing of lot(s).

5.1.7 The quorum for the AGM shall be 10 people present.

5.1.8 Any proposals made and seconded at the AGM shall be carried on a simple majority of those present and voting (subject to the exception noted in clause 7).

5.2  Extraordinary General Meeting

5.2.1 May be called either by the committee or on the requisition in writing and signed by six other members.

5.2.2 An EGM so called shall require the secretary to give 14 days’ Notice to all members, stating the matter to be raised at the EGM. No other business can be transacted at that EGM.

5.2.3 Voting at an EGM shall be the same as at an AGM (unless the proposal is for the dissolution of the society in which case a majority of 75% of those present and voting is required).

5.2.4 The quorum for an EGM shall be the same as at an AGM.

5.2.5 The results of any votes taken shall be communicated by the secretary to all members within 14 days of the meeting.

5.3   Committee meetings

5.3.1 The Secretary will forward an Agenda to all members of the committee at least seven days before the meeting. Any member can request for an item of relevant business to be included on the Agenda.

5.3 2 Any items not previously notified on the agenda may be heard at the discretion of the Chairman.

5.3.3 The quorum for a committee meeting shall be five members, of whom two must be officers.


6.1  At any meeting of the society, only fully paid-up members may vote and stand for election.

6.2  All members shall have one vote and members must be present to cast their vote.


This Constitution can only be amended or altered on a proposal, duly seconded and passed by a simple majority at an AGM (subject to clause 5.2.3 above).


If the society is dissolved, in accordance with the terms of this Constitution, the funds and other assets shall be disposed of as follows:

i.  payment of any outstanding debts

ii. donation to a local society or charity having the same or similar aims.





Fernwood Amateur Dramatic Society is based in Fernwood Village just outside Newark on Trent. Its aim is to provide an open and entertaining dramatic society to the residents of Fernwood and surrounding areas. Drama is its only reason for existing and to that end it stages a wide variety of plays, musical events and murder mysteries.